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It's Not Easy ~ Crabs In A Bucket

As you begin to transform into your pillar of strength and start applying some of the principles I’ve shared, things may get a little tough. People may not like the stronger you that is developing. Friends and even family may discourage you and try to keep you down. I want you to know that you can still rise, and this is expected to occur. Sometimes it’s due to jealousy because people don’t believe in themselves to celebrate the transformation in you. Sometimes it’s fear; fear of loosing the camaraderie as you change, but perhaps they don’t believe they are ready or able. Sometimes people who are a part of your story or your struggle, don’t want you to share your truth because of how they think it may affect them. Regardless of the reason, just know you must not give up because of the actions, feelings, discouragement, or non-support of others. You are making changes for your health and spirit. Don’t feel alone, as I have experienced all of these things as I’ve gone through my transformation. I’ve even had threats and ultimatums given in an attempt to keep me from sharing. Just know that YOU can do this! YOU can stand tall, hold your ground and find your transformational strength.

A crab in an open bucket is bound to find it’s way and climb out of the bucket by any means necessary. However if there are several crabs in this same bucket, not one of them are able to get out. As one crab tries to elevate and climb to the top, the other crabs grab him and drag him down to stay wallowing together. This holds true with people! You might be in a family or group of friends that continue to grab and pull you down as you strive to climb and better yourself. Please don’t be discouraged by those tugging crabs. Find some crabs outside of, or above the bucket that will pull you up and out, and refuse to let you stay at the bottom! Cling to those that can truly S.E.E. (Support Encourage & Elevate) you for who you are!

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