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Motivate Yourself

Motivation is sometimes hard to come by. A concept that becomes blurred as time goes on and we age, we somehow forget to express this feeling. Somewhere along the way many of us lose sight of our hopes and dreams and simply go through the motions of life.

Children are born with an innate desire to do things. They are boisterous balls of energy that crave activity. New and creative things consume them. They have the right amount of motivation and bravado to go after what they want and relentlessly pursue their shifting passions. And yet as adults, most of us lack the desires that are essential for living a full and complete life. Inspirational moments are few and far between. Perhaps the grueling experiences of maturation sap the optimism shining through us at the beginning, until all that is left is a hollow shell.

And yet this can’t be it. Life can’t just be meant to go through. It needs to be hurtled through as a meteor from the sky, a wave that is larger than life and so beautiful that it gives you back your faith in humanity so that you’re no longer just going through life but plowing through it.

For those of us floundering in an abyss, trying to cope with the hardships of life and trying to get back on their feet, here are some ways to stir awake the motivation lying dormant in you.


One of the most fun hacks to get you back on track is to eat some chocolate. That’s right. Other than being delicious, this sweet causes your body to produce serotonin and dopamine, both of which work synergistically to uplift your mood and call forth those optimistic vibes to jive through your system.


Taking a stroll in the great outdoors isn’t simply a great excursion, it’s also refreshing for the mind. Particularly in an area with a lot of greenery because if there is one thing that gets those creative juices going, it’s the color green. Green signifies growth and development. Known to affect the brain in such a way that a person naturally feels more energetic and motivated, patches of green such as trees and large expanses of grass are the perfect cure to bring someone out of a slump.

Overcoming Fears

A more serious point to consider and work on is the fear that all of us harbor. Irrational, irascible fears that cripple the mind and body and keep us for performing to our fullest. Fear takes away the optimistic part of a person and replaces it with a pessimistic fool, looking and expecting only failure. Putting aside these doubts requires herculean effort, but it gets easier with each step you take. And once you’re started to do something, the motivation to succeed gets more exciting and tangible.

Baby Steps

One approach to accomplishing your aims is to focus on one goal at a time. Map out the entire process in a positive light and figure out the reasonable but necessary steps needed to get things done. If it’s really important, you’ll work it out and come out a stronger and better person for it.

Consider the 8 steps in my earlier blog videos as you're seeking "strength", and in the meantime… enjoy some chocolate!

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