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Self Help~The Long-Term Solution to Winning at Life!

Sometimes we become are our own enemy. Life often brings us face to face with unfortunate events or circumstances that leave us speechless. How many times did we fell into existential crisis and felt highly discouraged? Many of us had big dreams and hopes for future but all crushed in few seconds and suddenly we struggled to find meaning in life.

Who knew rejection could be that dangerous?

Our Mind- A Mental Prison

We all go through this phase; some give up halfway before they even start while some try a few times and quit. The important fact to know and understand is that life doesn’t happen within our comfort zone. So if anything happens outside that solace; we instantly rush towards our self-created safety shell, which is more of a mental prison. We stop seeing our goals as something achievable because it requires a lot of strength, going out of the way and rising above the mediocre.

Yes, we get stuck at some point in our life. It doesn’t matter if you are a student who is not getting good grades or a person stressing to find a job, a parent struggling with their children, or a spouse with pressure and financial tension. Often people just want a solution to a particular situation. They run from their problems and keep all challenges under the rug. In order to overcome a weakness or a difficult situation, we must take risks.

It’s a gamble; we might face huge failure in life or achieve tremendous success. Who knows? So what’s stopping us from moving forward?

We absorb an effect of a negative situation and create a particular mindset. This keeps us from getting inspiration because we are too afraid to try again.